Elicio: A Secure System


Elicio is a new and highly secure system for collecting and transforming health service data. It aims to improve work flows and support local priorities.

The Improvement Foundation (IF) has always taken the collection, storage and use of any data seriously. This has not changed with Elicio. The security and confidentially of your data is of most importance and will not be compromised.

IF has sought legal advice on how Elicio can work at all levels of data collection, use and disclosure. When Elicio is used for nKPI reporting, IF confirms that:

  • No data collected can be used to reasonably identify an individual person. Data are collected in separated tables to ensure that a person’s identity remains anonymous
  • There is no disclosure of any data collected
  • Data are transformed using the nKPI business rules to produce the nKPIs. nKPI results are securely transmitted to OCHREStreams
  • Both Elicio and OCHREStreams are hosted within the same secure facility in Brisbane. The facility is accredited to a ‘PROTECTED’ level as per the Australian Government security classification scheme. The facility is assessed under the Information Security Registered Assessor Program (IRAP)
  • There is no use of these data by IF, other than to electronically and automatically transform data collected into the nKPIs and securely transmit these to OCHREStreams.

IF does not believe there are any grounds for a breach of the Privacy Act or other state regulations.

Further to this, IF has always made available an individual security and privacy agreement (in addition to the agreement IF has with the Department of Health to ensure data protection) to health services, should they require additional assurances that the data is protected. Most services have entered into this agreement at some point over the course of the operation of OCHREStreams. If a health service has not entered into an agreement, IF treats all data submitted as if the agreement was formally executed.

All data collected for the purposes of submitting nKPIs remains secure. IF is legally accountable to individual health services, the Department of Health and under the Privacy Act.

If you are not sure whether your health service has an agreement in place with IF and would like find out, please contact us and we will confirm what agreements are in place.

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