Elicio – Improve Healthcare Delivery with Integrated Data


Modern technologies in medicineThe new data intelligence platform that transforms the way data is used across the healthcare system

Integrate data – access real time aggregated health data from a range of clinical software sources across the health system to deliver best practice care
Effective care management – easily identify gaps in care and drive improvements in coordination of care leading to enhanced patient outcomes and satisfaction
Improve efficiencies – streamline and improve care delivery using accurate data

Delivering best quality outcomes is a challenge when health data is siloed among different systems and sectors. Elicio can reliably and securely integrate data from across the health system to effectively track patients’ health journeys while maintaining privacy standards. With increasingly complex population health needs, Elicio keeps you at the forefront in delivering best practice in patient-centred care.

Transforming Access to Healthcare Data

Gain valuable insights with real time, accurate information from a wide range of medical settings – general practices, hospitals, pharmacies, health specialists – making it easy to identify performance gaps, both regionally and nationally and providing quality data that supports commissioning. Utilise structured data sets to reveal health and behaviour patterns and transform services with improvement initiatives to enhance patient outcomes.

Elicio is the bridge that successfully unites patients and their health professionals for an integrated and cost effective health system. Elicio captures and provides extensive, reliable data on quality and safety measures. This leading edge system with its automated data collection means that the turnaround time for analysing quality data is immediate.

Flexible and Scalable

Elicio is a flexible and scalable platform that can aggregate data from organisational level through to state and national.  You can customise settings for tailored information that matches your reporting needs.

Being agile and flexible ensures that measurement data sets can be easily added to cater for specific quality improvement needs. With user friendly tools for monitoring performance measures, Elicio provides you with graphs and easy-to-interpret results that will help improve the cost and quality of health care. Set goals, monitor progress and benchmark data to improve the efficiency, accuracy and performance of your systems.

Improve Efficiency, Accuracy and Performance

Gather health intelligence from a vast national collection of measurement sets covering quality and safety of chronic diseases. Benchmark your performance using consistent measurements sets and compare results against local and national averages. With Elicio you can:
•    Analyse and benchmark data to identify target areas for improvement
•    Monitor improvements over time covering a range of clinical areas
•    Compare and benchmark multiple performance indicators against local, regional and national aggregated data
•    Set goals and monitor progress
•    Gain a comprehensive understanding of the quality and safety of healthcare delivered in your region.

Reduce Costs

Elicio is interoperable with leading primary and secondary healthcare software. All aggregated data is securely hosted within the Improvement Foundation portal, which is monitored and managed by specialist IT personnel.  We have over ten years of experience in securely managing data and we’re committed to protecting your privacy in line the latest Australian Privacy regulations.  Requiring minimal IT support, you can allocate unique security access levels for different teams and individuals in your organisation.

Elicio is powered by Telstra Health’s health intelligence platform and managed and maintained by the Improvement Foundation.

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