Elicio: IF’s new data intelligence platform, transforming the way data is used across the healthcare system

What is Elicio?Doctor reading tablet

Elicio is an online platform that can extract, analyse and upload health care data to qiConnect. Elicio uses a range of software from Telstra Health to improve local or regional health systems It will also support national e-Health systems and policies.

Through Elicio, you can extract quality and safety indicators, such as the Australian Primary Care Collaborative (APCC) Safety and Quality Indicators and National Key Performance Indicators (nKPIs). This leading edge system with fully automated data collection means less work for health professionals, improved data collection and greater analysis. It will benefit:

  1. Health Services
  2. PHNs and other support orgs, and
  3. Research groups.

Data Ownership

All data collected via Elicio remains the property of the organisation that submits it. Data is only used as outlined in  the rules of the program(s) that the client has agreed to participate in. This is formalised through a Security Agreement signed by the client and IF.

IF does not acquire any ownership of the data collected and only has access to these data if required to under the program rules.

Security is Paramount

There are several layers of security applied to Elicio that will ensure optimum safety of patient information, whether de-identified or identified (for advanced integration projects). The data is encrypted and stored in a central repository. Visibility is limited only to the level of aggregation that has been agreed under the program rules.

As well as anti-virus software and intrusion detection systems to prevent hacking, Elicio uses Transport Layer Security (TLS) 1.2 protocols for transmitting data between sites and the Elicio database.

Data is not stored by or at Telstra Health.

For more information about security, click here.

Get connected to Elicio

For larger supporting organisations like Primary Health Networks and Hospital and Health Services, Elicio can be customised for use across the region, and across multiple programs and reporting requirements.

With multiple licenses, the costs are significantly reduced, so that your health services receive all of the benefits of the software, without the overheads.

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Elicio is powered by Telstra Health’s health intelligence platform and managed and maintained by the Improvement Foundation.

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