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Consulting_small webWe’re Committed to Making your Organisation a Successful One!

Over the past decade, we’ve learnt a lot about improving systems and organisations using quality improvement.

We’ve worked to:

  • Transform healthcare through data analysis to improve client outcomes.
  • Reduce the burden of manual systems by identifying opportunities to improve processes and implementing tailored technological solutions.
  • Develop customised training solutions for identified needs.
  • Develop and guide implementation of large scale system change using proven quality improvement methodologies.
  • Create culture change to develop environments that promote sustainable improvement efforts.

From reviewing, identifying, analysing, implementing and evaluating, we have the expertise to design solutions along the whole value chain.

We provide quality improvement advice and techniques covering healthcare, occupational health and safety, digital health and the design and implementation of large and small scale improvement initiatives.

What can Quality Improvement do for you?

Quality Improvement helps you identify and define problems to make improvements. It provides a structured approach to identify improvement opportunities and monitor results for further enhancements.

We can help you:

  • Increase productivity – removing errors from the process results in increased accuracy, more streamlined systems, and less repetitive work.
  • Increase profit – reducing waste and improving customer satisfaction, helps your organisation to profit in a number of ways.
  • Improve staff morale – by focusing on problems in the process, and empowering staff to implement change.
  • Measure your successes – use data to measure improvements in processes and outcomes. Measuring and gathering data are vital elements to improve performance or quality.
  • Improve customer service – create an environment that is ready to change and empower colleagues to be motivated, resulting in a positive workplace.
How We Have Helped

Transforming Healthcare

We’ve successfully developed and delivered large scale, nationwide products and programs, as well as virtual and customised quality improvement training, workshops and master classes.

qiCoach – our personalised coaching service designed to accelerate growth in general practices and improve business and patient outcomes.

Inala Indigenous Health Services – we developed a customised 12 month training package for staff across four clinic sites to improve client outcomes by building a culture of continuous quality improvement across the health service team.

Building Technology to Improve Health Outcomes

Vaccine Surveillance System – we developed an award winning online reporting system for the WA Department of Health to track adverse reactions in recipients of flu and childhood vaccinations. The system has been expanded to include the monitoring of the whooping cough vaccination in pregnant women.

NSW Ministry of Health – with over five years experience in managing the national Aboriginal health reporting platform OCHREStreams, the NSW Ministry of Health, commissioned us to review the current Aboriginal health key performance indicators to provide more meaningful data for their funded health services.

Creating Custom Intellectual Property

Australian Primary Health Care Nurses Association (APNA) – to address recruitment and retention for early career nurses, we developed an education module ‘Understanding Quality Improvement in Primary Health Care’ as part of APNA’s Transition to Practice Pilot Project.

Fitness Australia We assisted with the implementation of their inaugural Quality Accreditation program that assists with embedding quality improvement amongst Fitness Australia’s 30,000 members.

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