2012 IF Award Winner


Improvement Foundation CEO Colin Frick with Award Winner Prashiba Thavarajadeva

Improvement Foundation CEO Colin Frick with Award Winner Prashiba Thavarajadeva

Montague Farm Medical Centre at the cutting edge of Quality Improvement in Primary Healthcare.

The home of some of the best work in quality improvement in primary healthcare lies in Montague Farm Medical Centre, Pooraka in South Australia, and the practice has just received a tremendous boost from gaining access to some of the most innovative thinking from leaders in the field.

The Practice Manager, Prashiba Thavarajadeva, has recently returned from the USA’s Institute for Healthcare Improvement’s 24th National Forum in Orlando, Florida, USA as one of very few Australian delegates working at general practice level, where he met with experts and practitioners in quality improvement in healthcare from all around the world.

Prashiba won the prize of a trip to the IHI conference paid for by the Improvement Foundation, based on the innovative improvements that Montague Farm Health Centre have made to deliver better care to their patients.  These include:

  • Offering patients the option of seeing the doctor of their choice on the day they were sick, cut from an average 2.5 day wait for an appointment
  • Reducing time in the waiting room from 30-95 minutes to 5 – 40 minutes
  • Using the (shorter) time that patients were waiting to see their doctor to update their health records with the practice nurse, leaving the doctor free to dedicate more time to the patients immediate health issue.

‘With 5,500 people attending the conference, all focused on making improvements in health care, it felt more like a movement than just a conference.  The immense scope of the work being done worldwide, with so many people working towards the same goals, inspired us with a new energy and enthusiasm for the work we are doing here in Montague Farm’, said Prashiba

‘It was interesting to see how advanced some of the quality improvement was in the US, but also how they had difficulty understanding how co-operatively rather than competitively we work in Australia, and the way in which we strive to produce good health care for everyone, regardless of income’

Prashiba’s opportunity to attend the conference came as a result of winning the inaugural Improvement Foundation (IF) Award.

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