qiCommunity logoThe Improvement Foundation manages and maintains qiCommunity. qiCommunity is the section of qiConnect where individuals and organisations working in primary care can come together to share ideas, experiences and resources.

Learn why thousands of healthcare professionals rely on it to help them implement and sustain quality improvement activities that work! It’s free and easy to use!

Search and access hundreds of quality improvement resources including workshop papers, presentations, articles, plans and toolkits. You can get an insight into real-world healthcare experiences from thousands of health services who have been involved in quality improvement activities delivered by the Improvement Foundation.

Interact with national and international quality improvement leaders sharing their knowledge and experiences in an interactive, online format. If you can’t make the live broadcast, every webinar is recorded for you to access on demand from the Resources list to watch whenever and wherever you want. Best of all, these webinars are held regularly and are free!

Seek advice or support with a challenging issue or problem that needs solving from the thousands of qiCommunity members using the Discussion Forum.You can share ideas and experiences and get advice from people working in the same area as you, and from people who have different ideas and experiences.

Seeing Results
Health services interested in monitoring progress and tracking improvements using health service data can sign the qiCommunity Proposal to get access to continuous improvement resources, including a dashboard highlighting improvements at a quick glance.

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