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It’s never too late

While in the past I have bemoaned GPs who say they don’t have the time to maintain accurate electronic clinical records and keep up with data cleansing, many GPs must be commended for making a big effort to move from paper to electronic record keeping.

Australian Doctor, 15 October 2010, p. 52


March 06, 2014
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Appointments – getting it right

Imagine a perfectly organised day in your general practice.  You arrive to see a third of your appointments still available.  They fill as people ring during the day. Receptionists are able to say ‘yes’. Patients don’t book long in advance because experience tells them they will get an appointment today if they need it. There are no forgetful ‘did not attends’.

Your day is an interesting mix of problems – some chronic (booked in advance) and some acute (rang today). Patients can plan around transport and work. You run on time because no-one is squeezed in. You have time to eat and debrief. Your message book is almost empty because everyone had their urgent needs met at their appointment. You are ‘down the drive by half past five’: patients happy, results checked and inbox emptied.
Andrew Knight & Tony Lembke, January 2011, Australian Family Physician


March 06, 2014
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