Personally Controlled Electronic Health Record – eCollaborative


In 2011, the Improvement Foundation was contracted by the National E-Health Transition Authority  to deliver a quality improvement Collaborative to help Australian general practices adopt the Personally Controlled Electronic Health Record (PCEHR).

The eCollaborative Wave applied the Collaborative methodology of quality improvement to the challenge of improving outcomes for people living with chronic disease using technology – promoting better patient self-management and improved integration of patient care teams.
The first eCollaborative Wave was delivered between February and September 2012. As a direct result of the work undertaken in this Collaborative, and the results achieved, the Improvement Foundation was commissioned to deliver a second eCollaborative Wave, which commenced in November 2012.

What is the ‘eCollaborative’ wave?
The wave uses the highly successful Collaboratives methodology, which has been implemented through the Australian Primary Care Collaboratives (APCC) Program since 2004. The eCollaborative Wave provides a great opportunity for teams to actively use this world leading improvement methodology and adopt new technology to further improve patient health outcomes. Through their involvement practices and health services are at the forefront of electronic health.

Improving patient outcomes
Participants learned how to use eHealth technologies to support patient self management, and learnt skills to:

  • Achieve better outcomes for patients with chronic disease
  • Support better patient self management
  • Better integrate care teams
  • Be ready to adopt the PCEHR national infrastructure

Engaging patients
An innovative aspect of the eCollaborative wave was the engagement of patients through local activities. These activities supported practice and health services, to better understand patients’ experiences with the technology and identify opportunities for innovation.

Practices and health services in this program achieved outstanding results that included:

  • Uploading of 37% of all shared health records
  • Registered 4,511 patients to the PCEHR
  • Uploaded 1,708 shared health summaries to the system.

To view the National E-Health Transition Authority  scorecard which shows the progress of  adoption of national eHealth programs across sectors during the eCollaborative period click here.

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