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qiCoach is a highly structured program, designed to accelerate health services’ growth and improve their business and patient outcomes. Using a data driven quality improvement process with the support of an experienced Practice Coach, health services will be able to increase business efficiencies and implement solutions to address local and regional priorities.

We have more than ten years’ experience coordinating health services all across Australia to address national key performance indicators. With our industry experience and proven results, we know how to help health services improve their business and patient outcomes, effectively and efficiently.

Flexible ‘Train the Trainer’ Model
qiCoach can be tailored to meet the needs of your PHN. Under a ‘train the trainer’ model, we can provide your staff with training, resources and access to infrastructure to deliver the service locally. Equipped with this knowledge and skill-set, your staff will be guided through the entire model from health service selection to implementing quality improvement plans that achieve individual health service goals. Growing your staff skill-set to learn how to become a Practice Coach is a great way to provide a sustainable service in your region.

Let us do the work for you
Pressed for time and staff resources? We can work directly with your health services to implement qiCoach. We’ll work collaboratively to structure the program to achieve the health goals in your region. With regular progress meetings and access to online results, you’ll be kept updated on progress every step of the way. With qiCoach, we can give you the tools to achieve your performance goals, or we can do the work for you. It’s flexible and the choice is yours.

The qiCoach four step approach

Step 1 – Identify Areas for Improvement
A Practice Coach conducts a diagnostic assessment of each health service across areas that include organisational efficiency, clinical activity and financial performance. Using the Improvement
Foundation’s secure online portal, the Practice Coach will analyse this information to deliver a diagnostic report.

Step 2 – Set Goals and Implement Improvements
Once the diagnostic assessment has been completed, the Practice Coach will work with each health service to develop an individualised quality improvement plan. The plan will outline the priority areas for improvement and practical steps that need to be taken.

Step 3 – Embed Sustainable Changes
The Practice Coach will empower health service staff with quality improvement knowledge and skills that can be used long after the Practice Coach has gone. They’ll show participants how to engage the team and provide better health outcomes for patients.

Step 4 – Results
With face to face meetings, phone and video conference support, and an online portal, participants will stay informed and focused on achieving their results. Our qiCoach principles are based on proven quality improvement methodology and processes. Whether it’s a long term goal over 12-18 months or a short term one within six months, Practice Coaches can guide health services to deliver real, measurable results.

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