Coaching concept. Chart with keywords and iconsEnhance the Performance of your Practice

  • Assess areas for improvement
  • Implement quality improvement activities to enhance business processes
  • Improve financial growth, organisational capacity and patient outcomes

We know how easy it is to get caught up in doing what needs to be done today at the expense of the long term needs of your practice. This is where our personalised coaching service, qiCoach can help. qiCoach is a highly structured program, designed to accelerate your growth and improve your business and patient outcomes. You’ll have the support of an experienced Practice Coach to give you feedback, identify problem areas, help set your business goals and implement solutions that will add value to your practice and patients.

Step 1 – Identify Problem Areas

qiCoach uses a data driven quality improvement process, tailored to individual needs and performance goals for your practice. Your Practice Coach will work collaboratively with you to conduct a diagnostic assessment of your practice across areas that include organisational efficiency, clinical activity and financial performance. Using our secure online portal, your Practice Coach will analyse this information to provide you with a diagnostic report.

Step 2 – Set Goals and Implement Improvements

Once the diagnostic assessment has been completed, your Practice Coach will work with you to understand your strengths and gaps to develop a quality improvement plan. The plan will  outline your priority areas for improvement and practical steps that can be taken. Your Practice Coach will help you prioritise your work, establish next steps and give you the tools you need to make changes. You’ll understand the steps you need to take to produce immediate results and long term change. To support you even further, your team will get access to an online portal that has tools and resources to help you organise, measure and track your activities.  You’ll also have access to Accreditation Manager, a site designed to complement practice accreditation by reducing your paperwork and improving your processes. With the support of your Practice Coach, you’ll be on the path to creating the successful practice that you want.

Step 3 – Embed Sustainable Changes

Your Practice Coach will empower your team with quality improvement knowledge and skills that can be used long after the Practice Coach has gone. Our dedicated team of Practice Coaches have years of experience in implementing quality improvement techniques and programs in the healthcare sector. Whatever frustration you’re experiencing, we’ve found the best solutions that work. We’ll show you how to improve your financial activity, engage practice staff and provide better health outcomes to patients.

Step 4 – Results

With face to face meetings, phone and video conferencing support provided, together with an online portal, you’ll stay focused on achieving the results you want. Our qiCoach principles are based on proven quality improvement methodology and processes. Using this approach will help your practice with improving patient health outcomes and satisfaction by maximising organisational capacity, revenue streams and work processes. Whether it’s a long term goal over 12-18 months or a short term one within six months, our dedicated Practice Coaches are there for you, every step of the way.


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