Web based reporting tool for Aboriginal health services


The Improvement Foundation and OBS are proud to announce they will be implementing a project to develop a web based reporting tool (web portal) for the Department of Health and Ageing’s Office for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health (OATSIH). When operational, the web portal will enable a single, fast, reliable, and efficient transmission of service data, and streamlined reporting from Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health services to the Department. It will replace the separate web-based and paper-based processes currently used to collect service activity and program performance data. Service data will include OATSIH reporting data, a wide range of clinical measures, and will align to reporting requirements for a range of other programs. The web portal will enable health services to access their own summary reports on client and service outcomes. This information can then be used to support continuous quality improvement (CQI) work to improve health outcomes within their communities. The new web portal will be available to many services by mid 2011, with some health services able to use an interim solution earlier than that. It is planned to roll out the new arrangements to all the services within scope over a three year period.

“The new web based reporting tool is an important project that will reduce the reporting burden for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health services” says David Wright, Chairman, Improvement Foundation Australia. “Having timely access to relevant data will support and drive health and service improvement activities which will lead to improved health outcomes for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.”

“Improvement Foundation selected OBS to deploy this solution based on their extensive experience with SharePoint, including the newly released SharePoint 2010, as well as their ongoing relationship that has been developed over the past 18 months through the design, development and deployment of a similar SharePoint based web portal solution for the Australian Primary Care Collaboratives Program”, said David Wright.

The web based reporting tool (web portal) is being built on Microsoft’s SharePoint 2010 platform. This is a business collaboration platform enabling people to connect through formal
and information business communities.

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July 19, 2010

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