Driving Quality Improvement from the Ground Up with qiCoach


shutterstock_236067196(1) [Converted]Alstonville Clinic, a busy medical practice, had only a few managers trained in quality improvement, but when they observed the benefits it provided to the practice and patients, they resolved to implement it into the everyday working habits of all staff.


Finding the time to dedicate to the implementation of quality improvement, especially using an online data driven approach and with information technology not always readily available, remained a challenge.



To progress, the team engaged the services of the Improvement Foundation’s personalised quality improvement coaching service, qiCoach. A highly structured program, qiCoach services are designed to accelerate growth and improve business and patient outcomes. The qiCoach conducted a diagnostic assessment of the health practice focusing on staff development and then, in consultation with the staff, developed a quality improvement staff training plan.
The qiCoach arranged for staff to be given access to the Improvement Foundation’s secure data web portal with the Improvement Foundation also providing technical support assistance. Using the portal, practice staff could access quality improvement tools and resources to support their learning, removing the need to rely on busy senior staff for training. Additionally, this provided staff with the ability to start implementing their quality improvement processes using a data driven approach by viewing their training exercises using diagnostic assessments to easily identify the practice’s strengths and weaknesses.
The qiCoach assisted the team with implementing and setting realistic quality improvement action plans, ensuring that each plan was relevant to the particular needs of the clinic and achievable by staff to complete.


All staff have now been trained in quality improvement with regular dedicated time set aside to continually improve processes and procedures. Alstonville Clinic is now a thriving medical practice,  enhanced with integral quality improvement procedures.

April 04, 2016

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