OCHREStreams Proposal


OCHREStreams Proposal

This is a Proposal as defined in and for the purposes of the Head Agreement – Program Services between the Improvement Foundation (Australia) Limited ACN 122 939 299 (IF) and the Aboriginal Medical Services/Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Organisations (Health Service) as specified above.

  1. The Health Service has agreed to participate in OCHREStreams, a web based reporting tool assisting Health Services in collecting, submitting and managing data to report to the Commonwealth Government, and this proposal formalises that engagement.
  2. OCHREStreams is a web based reporting tool commissioned by the Australian Commonwealth and developed by IF to assist Health Services in collecting, submitting, managing and preparing reports from their data. This reporting system provides access to a range of continuous quality improvement (CQI) functions which can be used by participating Health Services for local CQI activities or projects organised by other organisations, where supported by OCHREStreams.
  3. The OCHREStreams system utilises the same Data Warehouse (QI Portal) as the Improvement Foundation’s other quality improvement programs, including qiConnect. As such, data can be accessed via qiConnect should an OCHREStreams registered organisation choose to access it.

Role of Parties

  1. IF agrees to provide the Services in accordance with this Proposal.

Term (when the Services are to start and be completed).

  1. IF will commence providing the Services upon receipt of this Proposal, signed by the CEO (Commencement Date).
  2. No date for completion is specified under this Proposal. The Term of this Proposal is subject to Part B: Term and Termination of the Head Agreement.
  3. Notwithstanding anything in the Head Agreement, the Health Service or IF can terminate this Agreement at any time with 20 days’ notice.


  1. The Chief Executive Officer of the Health Service is authorised to make changes to information for the Health Service account in relation to this Proposal including the addition and/or removal of other person/s.
  2. Service Administrators will have access to the Data collected under this Proposal along with IF staff, for administration purposes.

Data Use

  1. For the purpose of this Proposal Data means data provided to IF by a health service participating in OCHREStreams where the health service has agreed to provide access to such Data.
  2. For the purposes of this Proposal, Data is submitted by the Health Service on the understanding that this Data may be used:
  • 11.1) by the Health Service to populate relevant reports, to be submitted to the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare, or the Department of Health;
  • 11.2) by IF to aggregate OCHREStreams Report Data from participating health services for quality improvement graphical views (Aggregated Data). Where participating health service Data is aggregated the Aggregated Data will not identify the health service as the source of the same unless the health service expressly agrees otherwise.
  1. The Health Service will own all Data it submits. IF may use the Aggregated Data to provide quality improvement graphical views to the Health Service and other participating health services.
  2. IF has rights to access the Data for the provision of technical development, administration and support to the Program in this Proposal.


  1. Health Services that are required to submit data to OCHREStreams (as advised by the Department of Health) have access to the web portal. Where a Health Service is no longer required to submit reports to OCHREStreams, this Proposal covers the Health Service for continued access to the QI Portal, through qiConnect, until otherwise terminated under this Proposal.

Please close this tab to return to the OCHREStreams Registration form to accept the OCHREStreams Proposal on behalf of your health service as a CEO or user authorised by the CEO.

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