Patient Blood Management Collaborative


As part of an 18 month program, we have continued to work with the Australian Commission on Safety and Quality in Health care to implement best practice in Patient Blood Management (PBM) using quality improvement techniques.

PBM has been identified as a major focus in healthcare with the potential to improve patient outcomes by reducing blood transfusions and blood products to minimise transfusion associated complications.

The quality improvement Collaborative focuses on improving the management of anaemia and iron deficiency for patients having elective surgery in the surgical areas of gastrointestinal, gynecological and orthopedics. With 25 hospitals and health services from across Australia participating, we have been regularly conducting face to face and online learning workshops about the importance of quality improvement in PBM.

Supporting the learning workshops has been the development of a participant handbook. The handbook contains instructional information on how to implement improvements in the daily operations of health services to enhance PBM against the National Blood Authority Guidelines.

The Program will run through to 2017 with the aim of encompassing and improving the patient journey, from the time that the need for surgery is identified, through inpatient care, and then subsequent care when patients are back in the community.

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